Creating Fitness Video Games

One of the greatest challenges of teaching PE is engaging students of all skill levels and interest. If we’re to achieve our overall goal to create a love of physical activity and movement, then it is so important to have early positive experiences in lessons. It’s important that students understand that sport isn’t just aboutContinue reading “Creating Fitness Video Games”

Exploring the use of Classwork App in our classrooms.

I have been thinking of all the ways I can get my students to express themselves and their learning and to reveal more about what they love and how they learn.  Of course, teachers need to measure what a student knows at any given point, but a large part of that is knowing how they process and are ableContinue reading “Exploring the use of Classwork App in our classrooms.”

Connecting Students During Distance Learning

In Term 2 2020 we found ourselves in the middle of online learning, looking at how we could celebrate our Jewish festival, Yom Ha’atzmaut through self-directed learning. Earlier in the year Mount Sinai College ran the Apple Teacher course and our team was looking at ways to integrate and utilise the skills we learned inContinue reading “Connecting Students During Distance Learning”

Using Keynote animations in a History lesson

This past week we were thinking of ways of helping our Year 4 students better share their knowledge around the journey of the First Fleet –  which were the 11 ships that started the British colonisation of Australia in 1788.   They had been documenting the legs of the voyage and had researched some facts about whatContinue reading “Using Keynote animations in a History lesson”

Our Big Collaboration – Year 2 Science Project on a Global Scale

Term 1, in Science, Year 2 were learning all about the Earth, its resources and the weather. They were also engaged in a very special global project designed to help them answer the ‘Big Question’ – “How is the weather different, in different parts of the world?”.  Harnessing technology purposefully, Year 2 educators created aContinue reading “Our Big Collaboration – Year 2 Science Project on a Global Scale”