Earth Day 2022 – Activity Ideas

(Updated with new content and adjusted links for Earth Day 2022) As I write this, today, April 22,  is the 52nd Earth Day.Mount Sinai’s “6 Kinds of Best” goals include encouraging our kids to be the “Kind to the Environment” – a goal of students and staff alike to improve the environment where they can.Continue reading “Earth Day 2022 – Activity Ideas”

Our Big Collaboration – Year 2 Science Project on a Global Scale

Term 1, in Science, Year 2 were learning all about the Earth, its resources and the weather. They were also engaged in a very special global project designed to help them answer the ‘Big Question’ – “How is the weather different, in different parts of the world?”.  Harnessing technology purposefully, Year 2 educators created aContinue reading “Our Big Collaboration – Year 2 Science Project on a Global Scale”