Earth Day 2022 – Activity Ideas

(Updated with new content and adjusted links for Earth Day 2022) As I write this, today, April 22,  is the 52nd Earth Day.Mount Sinai’s “6 Kinds of Best” goals include encouraging our kids to be the “Kind to the Environment” – a goal of students and staff alike to improve the environment where they can.Continue reading “Earth Day 2022 – Activity Ideas”

Using GarageBand in music tuition

At Mount Sinai College, our music program is an intrinsic part of the school with over 200 of our 320 student body learning an instrument each year. One of our wonderful music teachers Chris Wilson uses GarageBand for private tutition students to help them by planning for performances, practicing the timing of songs and givingContinue reading “Using GarageBand in music tuition”

Embracing our community with technology

Over the course of a year we want to share what our students have learned, be it expos, concerts or Jewish festivals with the wider community, and embrace technology to redefine what an event looks like. We want to share the skills that our students have built while at MSC in effective ways. Some examplesContinue reading “Embracing our community with technology”

Wellbeing and Healthy Messages at MSC

When we’re trying to remind students to wash their hands, stay eSafe, eat well or deal with stress – a regular classroom lesson can only do so much. At our school we have been exploring using animations and multimedia as innovative ways of sharing important health messages. These have been created by both teachers andContinue reading “Wellbeing and Healthy Messages at MSC”

Creating Fitness Video Games

One of the greatest challenges of teaching PE is engaging students of all skill levels and interest. If we’re to achieve our overall goal to create a love of physical activity and movement, then it is so important to have early positive experiences in lessons. It’s important that students understand that sport isn’t just aboutContinue reading “Creating Fitness Video Games”

History, English and Technology combine to share Notable Australians – Day Of Notables Exhibition – Year 6

In Term 2, as part of the History and English component, Year 6 participate in the Day of Notables Project. This involves many different components that students submit, however the main part of this ongoing interactive project is writing a biography on an Australian notable. This involves submitting a proposal to the teachers, ensuring theyContinue reading “History, English and Technology combine to share Notable Australians – Day Of Notables Exhibition – Year 6”

Adaptations Unit – Designing a new animal or plant

In Year 5, we’ve been evolving our Adaptations unit to focus on the growth and survival of plants and animals in a environment, to engage our student’s creativity and develop their design skills. Our project comprises the design of a new animal or plant, which is to survive in a particular environment. Students consider theContinue reading “Adaptations Unit – Designing a new animal or plant”

Connecting Students During Distance Learning

In Term 2 2020 we found ourselves in the middle of online learning, looking at how we could celebrate our Jewish festival, Yom Ha’atzmaut through self-directed learning. Earlier in the year Mount Sinai College ran the Apple Teacher course and our team was looking at ways to integrate and utilise the skills we learned inContinue reading “Connecting Students During Distance Learning”

Learning Language Through Film Making

In 2020 as schools had returned to their usual routine, our Hebrew team was looking at ways we could increase student collaboration and integrate Hebrew in authentic and interesting contexts for our Year 6 students. We decided to create a film festival within our school, with the whole of Year 6 creating videos in teams.Continue reading “Learning Language Through Film Making”

Creating a Reality Composer “Walk Of Notables” For A Parent Expo

As a part of our “Day Of Notables” Expo we wanted to arrange an activity that parents who were visiting could experience on their own iPhone – that reflected the students’ chosen “Notable” Australians and their achievement. Here’s a video of our final project, built using Apple’s “Reality Composer” Tool: The Creation Process Reality ComposerContinue reading “Creating a Reality Composer “Walk Of Notables” For A Parent Expo”