Wellbeing and Healthy Messages at MSC

When we’re trying to remind students to wash their hands, stay eSafe, eat well or deal with stress – a regular classroom lesson can only do so much.

At our school we have been exploring using animations and multimedia as innovative ways of sharing important health messages. These have been created by both teachers and students and have been shared on the signage system around the school. The feedback from this project demonstrates that it is an effective way of teaching students about the importance of staying healthy and safe.

Innovative Ideas for PDHPE at MSC

In this video I speak about 3 lessons I’ve created including using 360 cameras to promote healthy eating and using a collaborative Keynote to have our students critically analyse the stereotypes in cartoon movies.

Wellbeing Wall

Our student led wellbeing committee chose to create a ‘Wellbeing Wall’ to promote positive ways to deal with stress. Our committee created short clips which played around the school to spread awareness and positivity. The screens do not play audio so the students were challenged to communicate without sound. This is a compilation of their end products which played thoughout the school hallways.

Ways to stay Covid Safe at MSC

When our students returned from home lockdown, a team of our teachers put together this fantastic video using Keynote, sharing some best-practice habits for keeping safe and well at our school.

The Keynote “line draw” feature is an amazing way of recreating how the animation was drawn and gives a fun, attention-grabbing way of delivering a message.

RU OK Day at MSC

After the success of our Wellbeing Wall, our Year 6 students created these videos to promote R U OK Day.

We’ll continue to think of ways of sharing messages and helping the students think about their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others.

Love to hear about ways you share in your classrooms: http://twitter.com/joelw123

Joel Weiner

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