Embracing our community with technology

Over the course of a year we want to share what our students have learned, be it expos, concerts or Jewish festivals with the wider community, and embrace technology to redefine what an event looks like. We want to share the skills that our students have built while at MSC in effective ways. Some examples in recent times have included:

Mount Sinai Art Show

We held an Art Show where our students shared their digital photography with Augmented Reality overlays, and turned student iPads into animations of spectacular mathematical concepts

Dancing through the decades

Our concert involved the retelling the history of our school, Israel and Australia through the 20th and 21st Centuries. We retold historic events with content the teachers and students had created using Green Screen technology and amazing editing and music – and everyone gets involved.

Reinventing Assemblies during online learning and lockdown

Our assemblies are always multimedia events – including singing, performances and videos that have been created over the week, but when we were forced to lock down, we didn’t want to stop being a focal point of our Community.

In an effort to remain a focal point of our community – we completely rethought assemblies. Our entire school cohort were encouraged to participate in a Zoom craft activity to make a Poppy to commemorate ANZAC Day, with our student leaders making Clips videos showing them how to make them. Another week, our students moved their iPads into the kitchen and engaged in a traditional Challah Bake on a Friday afternoon.

And why not have a dance competition – with students and their families submitting videos of themselves dancing and collate it into a fun video mosaic using the Keynote app:

“Light Up” Hannukah with technology

Each year we come up with fun ways to celebrate the Jewish festival of light with technology. These include coding robots to make Hebrew Symbols from light, converting pencil drawings into Augmented Reality Artworks celebrating Hannukah and composing music on DIY Instruments made from Makey Makey and GarageBand and coded to make music together.

Day Of Notables Year 6 Event

Our Yearly “Day Of Notables” event is a culmination of an entire term’s work by our Year 6 students and our whole College are invited including Year 6 families. This includes multimedia aspects including Augmented Reality, Keynote animations and video creation.

Mrs Jacobs shared an account of our Day Of Notables community event at two separate blog posts which are linked here:

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